Intelligence and Scouting services for your Open innovation strategy 

You are:

  • An innovation scout?
  • A corporate VC?
  • In charge of:

    • R&D
    • External/Open Innovation
    • Business Development
    • Strategic Alliances
    • Investments
    • In-licensing

You are looking for services to:

  • Generate a prioritized ad-hoc portfolio of innovative projects available for licensing-in, collaboration or acquisition
  • Be the first to identify new early-stage technological opportunities developed in universities, government labs, start-ups and/or small-technology-based firms
  • Diversify and expand your reach outside of your current network
  • Identify and add leading universities into your network, made possible by an informative landscape
  • Prepare, strategize and implement a proactive scouting process that goes far-beyond databases and scientific congress to drive your Open Innovation strategy

Does your business seek highly skilled individuals with a demonstrated smart method to work on your specific issues?

Do you seek a fresh perspective for your ongoing processes? Do you want to accelerate your Open Innovation projects?

Do you seek flexible and personalized scouting services tailored to your specific needs and backed up by strong technological and sector expertise?

Our Scouting Services for your Open innovation strategy

Erdyn has developed an innovative and proactive scouting methodology based on our team’s experience in academic research, technology commercialization, technology, and industry landscape. This method is supported by our proprietary tools and enables you to access over 700 organizations in 42 countries involved in innovation and Deep-Tech research.

Why Erdyn?

  • The proactive solicitation of our proprietary global network to discover great opportunities as a result of our carefully nurtured relationships
  • The access to sources complementary to traditional channels

  • A time-efficient prioritization of the results enabled by our consultant’s extensive scientific and business backgrounds
  • A quick understanding of the innovation trends and opportunities as a result of our in-depth analysis and use of data visualization tools


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