Erdyn’s mission is to inform your innovation choices to imagine and build the world of tomorrow


  • Intellectual Integrity 

  • Fulfilling Our Commitments  

  • Agility 

  • Team Spirit


Erdyn is a specialist in research and innovation consultancy dedicated to connect leaders of technological innovation with new market opportunities through the following services:

Technology, New Product Scouting & Landscaping

  • State of the Art

  • Scouting Services

Market Research

  • Status of a Technology

  • Key Players and Their Offers

  • Marketing and Distribution of the Technology

  • Market Size/Demand Quantification

  • International Customer Discovery

  • International Client/Partner Search

Invention Evaluation

  • Review of Technology Potential

  • Review of Market Potential

Strategy and Framework Around Innovation

  • Business Model Development (Around Innovation)

  • Technology Roadmap

  • Innovation Roadmap



EUROPE ENERGY COUNSEL FOUNDED – Europe Energy Counsel is founded by Louis Drouot as a “scientific consulting company.” 


Europe Energy Counsel is rebranded as “Erdyn”. The company focuses primarily on delivering scientific studies to support research and development of the private industry sector.  


ERDYN POSITIONS ITSELF AS AN INNOVATION CONSULTING FIRM – Erdyn is acquired by Patrick Haouat in 2003 and the company gradually becomes an innovation consulting firm, all the while, keeping a strong scientific and technical culture. 


Erdyn conducts its first foresight study for the French Government to identify key enabling technologies for a variety of sectors for the next five years.   


Erdyn acquires the Michel Goyhenetche firm and launches its innovation marketing services.  That year, Erdyn also breaks through 1 million euros in sales. 


NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICES FOR INVESTORS – Erdyn expands its business by opening regional offices in Rennes, France and launches the development of their first proprietary tools to support investors identify and assess innovative opportunities. Additionally, in 2010, Erdyn is one of the juries of the French national innovation contest to preselect the best projects. This position gives Erdyn the chance to take part in the design of a flash project assessment methodology.  


Erdyn develops its new opportunities scouting services based on a proprietary network.


Erdyn opens offices in a second location in France – Lyon.


Erdyn breaks through 3 million euros in sales and develops a proprietary evaluation grid aimed at assessing the relevance of innovative projects for investors.


INTERNATIONALIZATION AND CONTINUOUS DIGITALIZATION – in line with Erdyn Consultant’s vision “To be the partner of choice for French/European innovation players seeking innovative technological choices and networking worldwide,” the consulting firm places internationalization and digital development at the heart of its growth strategy.”


Erdyn co-founds FinTech Eurostep Digital, and becomes their primary partner providing market research for investors.


Erdyn expands into the Northeastern USA market and continues to explore opportunities in China. Also, at this point, Erdyn develops its own methodology for small-medium businesses aimed at assessing the relevance of internationalization and define a US go-to-market strategy.


Erdyn launches its US subsidiary, Erdyn Corp in New York.


Erdyn is constantly coming up with new approaches to scout early-stage opportunities for investors and developing the corresponding web-mining solutions.