Internationalization Support

You are:

  • A small/mid-sized French company or start-up?
  • A technology transfer office (SATT)?
  • Willing to explore the US market opportunities?
  • Expand your business in the USA?

We Can Help You If:

  • You lack internal resources and/or have limited financial resources
  • You struggle with the US / Europe time difference and travel back and forth
  • You need access to a local network and personalized tailored advice to define your strategy

Our Services

Erdyn provides support for businesses aiming to expand their business internationally. More specifically, our services enable you to:

  • Analyze your market, the competition, and local laws and regulations
  • Define the profile of your potential clients

  • Identify and interview potential US customers/partners

  • Generate leads
  • Adapt your value proposition to the US market

  • Define the best go-to-market strategy to enter the US market (eg: direct sales, greenfield, distributor, acquisition, partnership)
  • Assess the cost and the ROI of your US project

Why Erdyn?

  • We have experienced teams located both in France and the US. We help your team accelerate your internationalization project
  • Each of our consultants has an expertise in a specific industry/market. We assign a customized team to your project, making sure that you receive highly personalized and operational advice in the market/client/partner identification process as well as in the internationalization and US market specifics
  • We operate across a variety of high-level industries and scientific expertise
  • We have a substantial international experience in the North American market and rely on a local network of experts
  • Erdyn has the expertise of a consulting firm specialized in innovative solutions marketing backed up by more than thirty years of experience


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